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Gemology Extensive Work, pleasing and didactic written in Spanish language.

El Maravilloso Mundo de las Piedras Preciosas - The Wonderful World of Precious StonesDiamondAn extended study of Gemology Science, written in a colloquial, pleasing and didactic way. Everything you need to know about the wonderful world of precious stones.


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The School 

Gemological School of America

Gemological School Of America was founded by Aura Godoy.

Mrs. Godoy holds a B.S.  degree in  Chemistry science, from Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A., and the title of Graduated Gemologist from The Gemological Institute Of America (G.I.A.),Santa Monica, California, 1982.

Mrs. Godoy is the author of two books written  in Spanish "Identificación y Evaluación del Diamante" - Diamond Identification and Appraisal, Published in the year 1993, its second edition in 2005 and "El Maravilloso Mundo de la Piedras Preciosas", Published in October, 2005.

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Courses on Diamonds and Color GemsFor more information about our courses on diamonds and color gems, click on the title or on Read More.


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Factors which Determine the Price of a cut Diamond. The 4Cs.

DiamondThere are four factors which determine the quality and price of any cut precious stone. Click on on the title or Read More to get further information on this.


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Diamonds Physical and Optical Properties.

DiamondHardness is one of the most remarkable physical properties of a diamond. Diamond is the hardest natural substance known. By hardness of a mineral, one refers to the mineral’s resistance to be scratched by another. Click on the title to read the complete article.


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Famous Diamonds.

DiamondGet to know the most famous DIAMONDS in history and the events which took place around them. Click on the title to read the complete article.

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